Methods of Tissue Engineering

by Anthony Atala (Editor), Robert P. Lanza (Editor)

Tissue engineering is a dynamic and rapidly growing field emerging from the cross-disciplinary efforts of engineers, physical and life scientists, and physicians to create new tissues and organs from cells and synthetic molds. Recent developments have led to a great expansion of clinical applications using tissue engineering technologies.

This book serves as a starting point for the student, a resource for the experienced tissue engineer, and a guidebook for the next generation of tissue engineers. Contained in one volume is a comprehensive reference that combines the tools, experimental protocols, detailed descriptions, and “know-how” for the successful engineering of tissues and organs.


* Contains practical, hands-on information for tissue engineers and students

* Provides comprehensive protocols covering numerous topics, including polymer synthesis, cell culture, encapsulation, bioreactors, therapeutics, and the creation of tissues and organs

* Includes contributions by leaders in the latest areas of research, such as stem cells and fetal tissue engineering

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