By Jennifer, Amazon Reviewer

Finally. Something that makes sense of it all!!! Every page is MIND BLOWING … I started to try to bookmark and highlight as I was reading, but I realized I was doing it with every page! It’s just that amazing. Every page has another revelation. Science has always been my “religion” but I think this might be my new “Bible” if you will.

By Dmitry Shamenkov, Amazon Reviewer
By Yooper7, Amazon Reviewer
FIVE STARS ‒ A Life Changer!!

One of the most enlightening books I’ve ever read. Life changing is not a stretch with this one.

By Daniel, Amazon Reviewer
FIVE STARS ‒ A Work of Genius!
By Tron Enger, Amazon Reviewer
FIVE STARS ‒ Beyond belief
By R Sridhar, Amazon Reviewer
FIVE STARS ‒ Brilliant

That was the most poignant and comprehensive account of modern physics in a long time. The earliest I could recall was the book by Stephen Hawking – A Brief History of Time. But this treatment is more comprehensive, considered several aspects and Disciplines in unravelling the greatest mysteries in science … I wish I could articulate this better, but never mind – just read this book!!!!

By Bask In My Awesomeness, Amazon VINE VIOCE Reviewer

This is a great book that can be appreciated regardless of “spiritual” or “religious” backgrounds (or lack thereof) because it doesn’t try to push any of those concepts (nor does it render them bull$h!t either) so those with spiritual or religious beliefs as well as true atheists can still appreciate what is presented here. The fact is, Lanza is just presenting what has been discovered through the scientific process, not preaching any type of doctrine.

By John Knapp, Amazon Reviewer

First, let me say that I write as a Christian, one who takes the Bible very seriously. And second, this is not a Christian book, nor does it purport to be. That said, let me begin. I am still very serious about science and especially “up-to-date” science–real science that takes experimental evidence seriously and reports it honestly. With a background in science ed (PhD) I firmly believe that mind had to precede matter as philosopher Kurt Ward does, and as Lanza strongly implies, though he doesn’t say it quite that way. While gently brushing aside “New Ageism,” he builds his theory on the foundation of brand-new quantum theory research telling us, in a whimsical and easy-to-follow way, what science can demonstrate–and, sometimes, he offers quantum activities that the reader can duplicate for himself.
This book is a great–and readable–review of quarks and such, as well as atomic theory, electromagnetism, gravity (another mystery), and other forces. Even more, this can be read, and reread, in small pieces. You can easily put it down and pick it up again.

This book, and Lanza’s earlier, BIOCENTRISM, are favorites on my electronic bookshelf.

By Deetro, Amazon Reviewer

Make note of this name Lanza, because this is the most accurate view of the universe or (theory of everything) I’ve come across. Unfortunately this won’t be popular until 100 years from now. As a society, we’re not enlightened enough to understand most of what’s here.